Can You Get Rid Of The Dog Fleas with FLEA REPELLENTS

What is the best flea remedy? What are the flea REPELLENTS? How do they work? DO they actually work?! Read about anti-fleas collars, powders, shampoos, and similar preparations supposed to repel fleas by odor a flea doesn't like. I wish someone explained it to the fleas, so they learned they shouldn't walk around those repelent collars like Kanye West walks around Hollywood, as if they own the dog.


(Thank God we came to this part because there's no part of my body that doesn't itch me at this point. I hope just writing about the flea remedies will stop this cyber-flea-scratching caused by the previous post about the fleas).

Flea remedies can be divided into two main groups: repellents and insecticides.


Repellents are a variety of collars, powders, flea shampoos, and similar preparations supposed to repel fleas by odor a flea doesn't like.

The repelled flea will try to find a way to reach some other food source (eg. another pet or even a human), but you are not going to kill the monstrum.

If the flea is very resistant and too hungry, as I saw with my own eyes, it will stay on the dog and bite him despite the so-called repellent.

Dog scratching because of the fleas

Anti – fleas collar

These collars contain insecticides, that is, acaricides, that help fight fleas and ticks.

They are supposed to work well preventively, but from my experience, only the brands who produce the necklaces know that and they never explained it to the fleas, so they never learned they shouldn't walk around the necklace like Kanye West walks around Hollywood, as if they own the dog.

I despise anti-fleas collars. I used the brown, stinky ones and the green, mint ones. Zero effectivity.

Anti-fleas powder

Anti-flea powder is supposed to be very effective, but it requires treating the entire surface of the skin as well as treating all the surfaces in the house where the fleas live as adults, larvae or eggs.

In other words, I was never able to apply it correctly on the dog: everything around us gets white, he tries to run away of the stinky, white cloud around him, I'm sniffing the same cloud, it enters, at least, one of his eyes, it definitely enters both of mines… and there are still parts of the dog the powder doesn't reach, like his armpits…

The powder is supposed to be sprinkled all over carpets, floors, and other furniture in the rooms where the animal is moving, which in our case is everywhere. Ridiculous. Take the baby powder and throw it all over your house, sofa, wooden floor, etc. and then live in there for 1 week. Tell me how you feel, how do your clothes look like…? Now imagine the same thing in a stinky version.

The treatment should be repeated several times a month to make sure all the pests are gone. Ridiculous, ridiculous. I would love to see the house of the person who invented this pigsty.

What I would recommend, if you have fleas all over the house, is to get professionals to disinfect the entire house. The remedies used by the disinfection, disinsection, and pest control service are non-toxic to humans and animals and will really kill the entire flea population. And it's in liquid form, they spray it around, it dries out and you don't see it, you don't roll in a white powder, you leave your hose looking decently.

Anti – fleas shampoo

A shampoo is easier and cleaner to use than a powder, but my experience says it has even less effect than the powder.

If they are chemical, they smell horrible, if they are natural, the smell is divine and the effect even worst. I used to see a thicks walking around my dog less than 24 hours after bathing the dog. Come on!

My experience and satisfaction with repellents? I don't want the fleas scared away, living in my carpets, I want them dead. Period. The repellents either didn't do their job or they were a total mess.

Next, please!

Insecticides, please!

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