The Best Ever Anti Fleas Product For Dogs

Happy dog smiling with flower

Find out about the best and the only anti-fleas product I use on my dogs, after more than 40 years of experience with dogs, cats, fleas, and thicks. When I discovered it, it changed my life! Our lives! My allergic Maltese never scratched again and it's the first time I don't get to see even one flea walking around my dog's body.
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How To Get Rid Of The Dog Fleas with INSECTICIDES

Insecticides kill fleas and thicks

Looking for the best flea remedy? What are the INSECTICIDES? How do they work? Read about anti-fleas ampoules and sprays. For how long do they really work? Does washing the dog remove its effect? Which ones are THE BEST ones? Should you use them? Would I use them?

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Can You Get Rid Of The Dog Fleas with FLEA REPELLENTS

Fleas preparing to bit the dog

What is the best flea remedy? What are the flea REPELLENTS? How do they work? DO they actually work?! Read about anti-fleas collars, powders, shampoos, and similar preparations supposed to repel fleas by odor a flea doesn't like. I wish someone explained it to the fleas, so they learned they shouldn't walk around those repelent collars like Kanye West walks around Hollywood, as if they own the dog.

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The Disgusting Blood Sucking Little Vampires Called Dog Fleas

Dog flea preparing to bite

Find out what are fleas and how can you know if your dog has them. Why and where did he even get them?! Where do they come from? What kills fleas immediately and do the home and/or natural remedies actually work? How to get rid of the fleas eggs? Can a dog flea bite humans? How long can a flea survive hidden in your house, even if a pet is not in anymore? Learn what is the difference between insecticides and repellents. Find out about the best remedy against the fleas, discovered after decades of experimenting with every possible natural and chemical product. 

I dare you to read the text without scratching. I lost the bet already…

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Dogs and the Coronavirus

Dog wearing a mask to protect from Coronavirus

Can I take my dog for a walk during the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine? For how long may? How far from home? Can a pet become infected with the Coronavirus? How should I clean my dog's paws after a walk? People ask those questions on Facebook literally every 20 minutes. 

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Maltese & Boston Terrier Are Two Completely Different Pocket Type Of Dogs

Maltese and Boston Terrier crossing the Swiss Alps on the same spot Hannibal's elephants did

A Maltese and a Boston terrier, two contrasting, completely opposite kinds of dogs: a cool dude and a devil of Tasmania.

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How I Feed My Dogs And Why None Of Them Was Ever Overweight

Baby Boston terrier with the "I just farted" look

I had many dogs in my life and none of them was overweight.
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Dry vs Canned Dog Food

Maltese dog celebrating his birthday

My longtime experience with giving my dogs dry vs. canned food.

As I explained in my earlier post, I never measure the dog's food! That's why all my dogs were psychologically balanced and not obsessed with food, as well as very fit little guys. None of my dogs was ever fat and none of them was drooling around people who were eating. They always have their bowls full of food and they decide when and how much they want to eat. Continue reading “Dry vs Canned Dog Food”

Dog Grooming At Home

Maltese dog at hairdresser

Dog Grooming at home: Brushing, Washing, Drying & Removing tear stains. Tricks & Tips for keeping your dog groomed home, in between the visits to his hairdresser.

I recommend you to remove any tangles before you leave your dog to the hairdresser. It's not their dog and they have another dog's appointment in some reasonable time. They will not have time to get into a fight with your dog's nodes If your dog is a mess, they will simply cut his hair short.

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Dog and Puppy Vaccination

Maltese puppy and his doll

How did I prepare Gucci for traveling to another country in just a few days?


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