Dog and Puppy Vaccination

How did I prepare Gucci for traveling to another country in just a few days?


There's absolutely no way you can immediately travel with a too young puppy who still hasn't got the proper vaccination!

The puppy needs to be old enough to get his first vaccination. You have to wait for 3-4 weeks for the next vaccination and then for three more weeks, the time his body needs for the antibodies to develop (only if it's the first time you vaccinate a dog, you have to wait for those three weeks for, let's say, vaccine to really start working. If you vaccinate your dog every year regularly, the production of the antibodies in his body is continuous, so you don't have to wait.)

Read more about the necesary vaccination, here.

Be careful ...

I had a problem on the Slovenian border once, when a not too clever policeman looked at Brauny's passport and informed me that the dog couldn't enter the country because he was vaccinated only ten days before.

“Yeees but it's his fifth vaccination. I never missed the date.”
“It doesn't matter, you should wait for three weeks before you travel.”

I was very young but I already despised stupid people pretending to be clever and talking about stuff they don't have a clue about. I nicely explained to him that he was right in case you vaccinate a dog for the first time because the antibodies need three weeks to get developed, but if you vaccinate regularly every year at the same time, the dog never gets to lose the antibodies in the first place, so there's no necessity of waiting for those three weeks.

He was still not convinced so I decided to make it easier for him:

“OK, so we have to vaccinate the dogs every year, right? At the same time, right? So we can be sure they won't get rabies, right?”

He was nodding, trying to use his brain.

“But you're saying a vaccine needs three weeks to start working, which means that for those three weeks the dog is not protected and can get rabies, right?”

Uf, I could see him frowning. It was hard, but he was trying.

I continued: “In that case, we have a country full of dogs who could have rabies each year, during those three weeks, right?”

A veeery slow nod.

“So, wouldn't the law say we have to vaccinate our dogs each year three weeks BEFORE the date on the last year's stamp? So we could be sure the dogs couldn't get rabies EVER?”

He wasn't very happy about his new knowledge, but he nodded. Men don't like to get lectured by women, especially if they happen to be their daughter's age.

He let us go. But I never forgot that accident. I'm aware I could always get stopped by someone even more stupid and I don't want to risk the trip and loose time and nerves. That’s why I always try not to travel during the first three weeks after the vaccination.

Back to Gucci...

Gucci puppy baby with all his four in the air.

We didn't have three weeks. I was going back to Barcelona in three days!

Besides, he was two months (minus five days) old. He was too young for the vaccination.

I was crying at the vet thinking I would had to leave Gucci with my mum to do all the vaccination process and go back to Barcelona, alone, without my new fluffy baby.

We started as scammers

The vet rolled his eyes, he knew me for years. Just two years ago he had my mum crying like crazy in his clinic, me sobbing on the phone calling him from Barcelona, while he was euthanizing my Nono…

“I know that dog won't leave your bed or your jacket for the next 3 months”.

He took an empty passport, he wrote the date of birth: 4th of October, he put the vaccina sticker, the stamp and the name: GUCCI.

“But he was born on the 4th of November…!”
“He was born in October and he got his vaccine today!”
And thenhe whispered: “In one month, when you're back, come, his vaccina is waiting for him.”

OMG, how I love that guy! How I love people who use their heads and break the rules when they consider it's justified! Of course Gucci was going to be pampered and live like a baby in an incubator! He was going to be more safe with me than anywhere else in the world!

The microchip wasn't a problem, it was over in 10 seconds.

Officially, we were ready!

Read about everything you need to do when traveling with a dog, here.

With Nono's help...

Some guardian angels have wings, mines have paws.

Besides the fact I had a 2 months old baby and one week time to teach him where to pee, not to bark and to stay home alone, so he could get unnoticed in the hotels.

Piece of cake, everything was going perfect, everything was flowing.

Read about how to teach your dog to stay home alone, here, and how to potty train him, here.

It was obvious Nono was doing everything in his power from above to see me happy again.

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