Giving France One More Chance

While living in Barcelona and driving back home to Croatia, I used to cross France two times a month. I have to admit my experiences were rather negative.

People not able to communicate with me, irritate me, considering I speak, write and read 5 languages. How much easier could I make it for you?

I could learn French?

Yes, I could, I learn languages with ease. I just refuse to learn French. I prefer to learn Swahili. Continue reading

Maltese dog and Faraglioni rocks in Capri

Our Dogs Visiting The Dolce & Gabbana’s Island Of Capri

Gucci visited Capri, an island of sun and lemon.

The “jewel of the Mediterranean”, this small island is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. With its atmosphere of refinement and wealth, its narrow alleyways, pastel houses, pebble beaches, and the crystalline sea, the island of Capri stands out among all the others.
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Maltese and German Shepherd in a dog-friendly Sicilia Outlet Village

Sicilia Outlet Village Honey I’m Home

Sicilia Outlet Village is the largest shopping mall in Sicily, located in the center of the island, closer to the east coast of Sicily (Catania and Taormina). The location is pretty unusual, in the middle of the mountains, far away from everything. Continue reading

Maltese dog in beautiful Taormina

Taormina The Grande Dame Of The Ionian Sea

The glamorous Taormina has that vibe of a medieval, untouchable beauty with an ancient greek soul, dressed in Mediterranean colors and perfumes, hugged by the mountains, admired by the visitors, while she watches the world around her from above, from the cliffs above the sea.

One of the most beautiful places in the world, it has been the prestigious summer residence of emperors, aristocrats, and bankers, from the Wilhelm II German Emperor to the Rothschilds. Continue reading

Maltese dog and beautiful flowers growing all around Mount Etna

Volcano Etna Beauty and Beast

Before I visited Etna for the first time, I thought a volcano consisted of one large hill with a hole at the top, from which smoke, fire and lava flow (more or less “Joe versus the volcano” vision). I was surprised to learn Etna was a hill on the slopes of which are hundreds of small, long-extinct smaller volcanoes that you can climb all over. Continue reading

Maltese dog looking for trouble in Corleone Sicily

In Corleone We Left The Guns And Took The Cannoli

We went to visit Corleone, the famous mafia nest in the mountains of Sicilia.

It is known as the birthplace of several Mafia bosses, the real ones (Tommy Gagliano, Jack Dragna, Giuseppe Morello, Michele Navarra, Luciano Leggio, Leoluca Bagarella, Salvatore Riina and Bernando Provenzano) and the fictional ( Vito (Andolini) Corleone). Continue reading

Maltese dog in a charming Taormina

In Cefalú We Had Espresso With Fire

Cefalu, a fishing little town, is known as the “pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, for its rich history, cathedral, churches, and adorable Mediterranean cobbled streets converted into a pedestrian zone.
I warned A.: “We can NOT enter Cefalu by car. We'll have to walk! I'm sorry, I know it's as hot as in hell but Cefalu is a must!”. Continue reading

Maltese dog on the mesmerizing Amalfi coast

Sicily Loves You Back

I'm in love with Sicily! The food, the people, the landscape, the architecture,… I love everything about them and I'm sorry they have such a bad reputation and less tourism then they deserve. I always feel welcome and secure in Sicily, much more than in many other parts of the world. Continue reading

Maltese dog visiting Positano

The Amalfi Coast Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

During the 40 km ride along the Amalfi coast, between Cetara and Minori, each one of us gained 5 kilograms, which means: each one of us gained one Gucci.

Good thing they just weight dogs on the airports, because I wouldn't be allowed to enter the cabin and they would put me with oversized luggage and sports equipment in the cargo hold. Continue reading

Maltese dog on the mesmerizing Amalfi coast

My Dog Became A Celebrity On The Enchanting Amalfi Coast

La Costiera Amalfitana, known as the land of lemons, is a famous tourist destination, one of the most popular and beautiful parts of coastal Italy. The Amalfi Coast stretches for about 40 kilometers from the Bay of Naples all the way to the Salerno Bay and attracts visitors with its immense beauty with the same intensity as from ancient Roman times.

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