Doggy Potty Training Challenge Accepted

Be patient and realistic, don't expect your doggy to learn in 3 days the same thing you needed three years to learn. Not all dogs learn equally quickly. Maybe your new puppy is a genius, maybe he is smart and maybe he is … just … beautiful, lol. The only difference is: time. Give him his time, eventually, he'll learn. In the meantime, just watch where you step… 😀

Toilet train your dog by learning on my experiences.

Brauny. I should have called him Brainy. Level: genius

Brauny was 3 months old when he came from Austria. At that time, I had seven stray dogs waiting for me in the front of the school to walk me back home and the next day they were waiting for me again to take me to the school. My family got scared I would catch some disease, they concluded I was going nuts without a dog and that I needed one.

My mum lived in Austria and was scared to death of what my reaction was going to be when she tells me she was going to get married, again. For the third time, God blessed her. Wicky, the future husband number three, was also scared of the little Croatian bitch who, apparently, could cause a big drama and postpone the wedding… forever? So he asked my mum if there was anything in the world he could bring me, to buy my love. Well, that one was easy. 😉
“Yeah… a dog. A SMALL dog.”

Wicky started to ask around and yes, there was a dog that needed a new owner. He was small, three months old and he lived on a cow farm in the mountains of Tirol, on the other side of Austria.
They drove for 5 hours (my mum couldn't believe there wasn't any available dog in Vienna) and when they got to the farm, three dogs run towards them.
“Which one is ours?”
“This one.”
My mum stared at Brauny's paws. They were huge!
“That is NOT a small dog!”
She turned on her heel to run away from the future dinosaur, but Wicky insisted.
“But look at his eyes! Look how much good comes out of them.” Yeap.

Brauny has never seen a car in his life till that moment. He stank on cows and was vomiting all over the car and both of them. After what seemed forever, they needed a coffee. The three of them, looking and smelling like pigs, entered one of the cozy highway restaurants. Brauny, with his barn claws, started to skate on the tiles from one side of the restaurant to another while everyone tried to catch him and cuddle him. Yeap, that's Austria for you. Dogs are welcome in all the restaurants and if they are cute enough, they may skate all around them. Good bless Austrians, they deserve every euro I spent there.

After what seemed 100 hours of driving they came home, Wicky closed himself with Brauny in the shower and they showered for hours. The next day, when Wicky handed me my little Brauny, I squeezed him to my chest and my first reaction was:
“Omg, he smells like roses!”
“Yeah, well,…you should have tried yesterday… ”

That being said, Brauny came from a cow farm. He entered the house for the first time and peed in the hallway. I slightly tapped his bum with my finger and said “no”, willing to repeat it 1000 more times in the following months.

However, that was the first and the last time Brauny ever peed in the house! A genius! An Austrian genius. Like Mozart, only better.

Brauny was such a good behaving doggy that we didn't know how to explain to him he had to pee when we were traveling by car. We would make a pause because of him, but he was looking at us back like:
“I won't do anything, I'm a good boy!”

Then it occurred to me: I took my pants off and started to pee to inspire him. Yeap, I was his idol, he started peeing immediately.
We spent one year looking for clandestine spots all over the highway so I could pee out there with my bare bum, without any audience.

Nono, a smart dog

I was Nono's third owner. He was a hunting dog who didn't hunt much. He was mostly closed in a kennel where he peed, pooped and whined. The kennel stunk like wolfs' kennels in a third category ZOO.

When I lost Brauny, I stopped eating, sleeping and got literally sick. I knew the only way for me to get out of the bed was to get another dog, someone who needs me and who'll make me get out of the bed and stop crying over someone I don't have anymore and dedicate myself to someone I do have and who needs me desperately. I immediately remembered: Nono!

They brought him to me in a trunk, hungry, stinky (Although they did shower him, twice! That disgusting kennel's smell penetrated his skin, I showered him two more times.), wild dog without any manners at all.

Nono, my beloved English Pointer drying after windsurfing.

He wasn't understanding the concept of a house. He tried to make a hole in our Chinese carpet to lie down. When he saw dogs outside, through the glass door, he simply lifted his leg and peed on the curtain, telling the dogs that couldn't even see him, that it was his house. I couldn't have him without the leash, not one second: he would run away, run to the wood, run like only a hunting dog can run, a dog who only knows his kennel. I don't know if he didn't know his name or he didn't want to know it, didn't want to stop. He just wanted to be free.

One week! One week of walking him on a leash and telling him to pee and poop and then going back home where peeing was reworded with a “no!". My wild wolf became a loving, sweet, house dog.

Gucci... OMG... Gucci was the worst ever. Level of intelligence:

I was leaving diaper-pads all over the house and he still managed to pee in between them. When he finally managed not to miss one, I started to leave fewer pads around. In the end, there was only one left, the one in the bathroom.

If we happened to be in the bathroom, fine, he would do it, but he refused to stop playing in the living room, walk to the bathroom and pee there.

I was repeating all day long a firm “No!”, talking the pad, putting it in the urine so he would relate it and then taking both of him and the diaper-pad to the bathroom. “Here!”

He was already 6 months old and I started to Google, what the hell was wrong with Malteses…?! I have never had such a …beautiful dog…

And then one day, it just happened! He casually went to the bathroom, peed and equally casually came out. I started to celebrate the event “B'aaaaavoooooo! Goood booooy” overreacting and screaming like an idiot, while I was already running in his direction with a treat.

Gucci with the Miramare Castle in the back, in Trieste.

My beautiful Gucci, with the Castle Miramare in the back, Trieste, Italy

He looked at me and his newly acquired disclosure hit his little brain. He started laughing and wiggling his little butt. I swear, he went to the bathroom 15 times more in the next 20 minutes! Each time he would trot out laughing while I would scream “B'aaavooooo! B'aaaaavoooooo!”. Treat. He would finish to chew one treat, run back to his diaper and trot back, laughingly, asking for another one.

In the end, I went after him and almost died when I saw that, although he was trying, nothing was coming out, he was only acting as he was peeing.

I still wonder, is he the most stupid one or the more intelligent one? Brauny never got a treat for not peeing around…

Valencia … where Gucci peed like a "real man"

There was that time we were at the Valencia airport, waiting to enter the plane. There was one cloud above Valencia and the pilot was refusing to take off. We were waiting for 3 hours, I was starting to get worried: Gucci was still too young to hold for so long. Usually, our flights were 2 hours long which was fine, but now, after 3 hours, we were still sitting at the gate, looking at our plane. I couldn't go out again, because the pilot could have decided any second the cloud wasn't a problem after all.

Gucci woke up, I was looking his round baby belly in panic, he started to shuffle and look at me intensively. That was it. I took him to the bathroom, without even knowing what to do, our diapers were in the suitcase… I lifted him with both hands, put him in the air over the toilet and said “Pee! Ssshhhhhhhhhh!” He did it 😀

I still wonder what were our neighbors in the cubicles next to us thinking while I was chilling “B'aaaavoooooo! Gooood booooy!"

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