Dogs and the Coronavirus

Can I take my dog for a walk during the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine? For how long may? How far from home? Can a pet become infected with the Coronavirus? How should I clean my dog's paws after a walk? People ask those questions on Facebook literally every 20 minutes. 

The police are patrolling the streets and there's a strong restriction on movement, so owning a dog is like having a passport for sticking your nose out of your house for a few minutes. The dogs have never been so well walked, many of them might have some serious muscle pain. There's some borrowing and even renting a dog through online platforms going on.

Coronavirus quarantine on Canarias man walking chicken

In Spain, one guy took his plush dog for a walk (, while another one took his chicken out (,… 

Our micro walks till the closest tree

We go out, we go for that tree, three pees, one poop, home! We don't walk for hours, we don't run for miles and no one can tell me a Boston Terrier doesn't need some god running, while your dog does! We play at home and we'll survive for those damned 15 or 30 days or whatever. Whisky is fine! Gucci is obviously more than fine, the cool Maltese dude doesn't even care. 

Your dog is not a wild gazelle, so stop acting like it is! It's nice of you to want to walk with him around till you drop but there's a situation going on, so stop being such a drama queen and don't use your dog as an excuse. Your dog needs your attention more than anything else. He'll be delighted just by having you home all day long doing nothing and cuddling and playing with him or teaching him some new tricks. Yes, they can always learn something new, it doesn't matter their age!

Our new lesson: 

When we go out, A. taught Whisky to jump on the sofa so he doesn't have to bend. But the devil starts running and jumping from the sofa to the armchair and back and forward like a whirligig toy. 

Gucci doesn't like to jump, he never did, he considers there's no need since he's not a kangaroo. He freezes in the middle of the living room like a pommel vaulting horse waiting for me to come to him, bend and put his harness on. 

So yesterday we started to bribe them with treats… Whisky looks like possessed, fighting her urge to twirl, and Gucci jumps like a champ (and we all know he's not 7 anymore…).

Indoor loo

Try to use a pee pad. It's not the nicest thing to have, but hey, at least you won't get arrested because of overexploiting doggy walks during the quarantine. Gucci likes to use it, it reminds him of his baby days and our hotel life.

A few years ago, Gucci was sleeping on the sofa. Suddenly, he woke up like he remembered something, jumped down and hurried up to the balcony. I went after him to see what was happening. There he was, in the cats' toilet, peeing like a racehorse. It didn't even look like it was his first time, he seemed to be practicing it while I was at work. That little, intelligent head…

Dogs and the damned virus

The Official Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and the Animal Health Research Center can't stop repeating that there is no evidence that pets can develop the disease, or that they can become infected with the virus. Pets can suffer from diseases caused by other types of coronaviruses, and these do NOT affect humans. 

Likewise, the feline coronavirus, as well as the one that affects dogs, are genetically completely different from the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19. 

In any case, animals could be passive carriers of viral particles and they could spread the virus around the house. The same as you could!

Maybe it's because I grew up in my grandfather's pharmacy and although it was my favorite “playground" I was taught to wash my hands the first thing I crossed the door that separated the pharmacy from my grandparents' home.

The shoes… I think it's disgusting to wear the “outside" shoes at home. People spit out. People even urinate in dark corners or in public toilets, you step on it,… and you don't take off those shoes the second you cross your front door?! If so, leave your dog alone, he's fine to jump on your bed directly. 

On the contrary, clean your paws and clean his paws with soap and water (and a disinfectant, if it'll make you feel better). Soap and water are more than fine. Only to disinfect is still disgusting, someone's piss/slaver will still get to your carpet, with virus or without. Grosse.

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