How To Get Rid Of The Dog Fleas with INSECTICIDES

Looking for the best flea remedy? What are the INSECTICIDES? How do they work? Read about anti-fleas ampoules and sprays. For how long do they really work? Does washing the dog remove its effect? Which ones are THE BEST ones? Should you use them? Would I use them?

Dog scratching

As explained before, anti-fleas remedies can be divided into two groups:

repellents and insecticides. 


Insecticides are usually sprays and spot-on preparations (eg. flea ampoules) that are sprayed or applied on one spot on the dog's skin.

Due to the absorption of the active substances from the insecticides into the skin and cells of the animal, the flea will die the moment it stabs the dog and starts sucking the blood because at that moment the active substances will act.

Frontline, Advantix, etc. ampoules

The best insecticides kill fleas very quickly and are supposed to be active for 3 months.

My experience and satisfaction with sprays and ampoules: They are very effective, but not 100%, … not anymore.

Here's why I don't like them:

I believe they were miracle remedies 30 years ago. They saved my Brauny's life once. He was wearing a stupid, repellent collar, so we were sure he was protected and his hair was so thick we couldn't even see his skin.

First, he stopped eating (we thought it was because of the heat), but then blood appeared in his urine.

Luckily, one night, Browny fell asleep under the electric mosquito killer, and in the morning, all over the floor around him, there were thicks trying to run away.

I bought Frontline, the new remedy on the market at that time. A few hours after applying it, Browny started to eat and recovered completely. I throw the crap necklace into the garbage and used Frontline ever since.

But, in the meantime either the fleas got resistant or they changed the original formula of the Frontline, so today I don't find them working so good anymore.

  • First of all, they are toxic. You apply them on the neck of the doggy and you can't kiss or even touch your dog without having to wash your hands immediately.
  • Second: the dog's hair where you put the ampoule looks grassy and dirty and eventually it becomes dirty because of all kinds of dirt stick to the oily hair. Especially horribly looking on a fluffy Maltese dog.
  • Third: the agents applied to the skin bind to the sebaceous glands around the hair. If we wash the dog with shampoo, we will also remove the active substance. The dog can only be washed in the water! Which is … nothing?

I wash Gucci every week (read more about that, here), so the insecticide doesn't work for 3 months anymore. Even during the first month after putting it, I was shocked to find some random flea walking around Gucci's body. And he itches like there were hundreds of them!

The best ever anti-fleas remedy

So, after years of some very solid relationship, I filed for a divorce from the spot-on insecticides. I realized I was unhappy the same way many people do in their life: I met someone better! And it was love at first sight! We are still happily ever married :). Let me introduce to my better half: the best anti-fleas remedy!

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