Maltese & Boston Terrier Are Two Completely Different Pocket Type Of Dogs

A Maltese and a Boston terrier, two contrasting, completely opposite kinds of dogs: a cool dude and a devil of Tasmania.

Read about Gucci's and Whisky's personalities and you'll learn what every dog owner already knows: they are not animals, they are little persons.

Gucci and Whisky:

Thank you for being a friend

Gucci, a cool dude

Gucci is a Maltese, a cool guy. He has his moments when he's playing and running around like crazy but generally, he's serious and cool and he has been cool since the day I first saw him.

When I went to his first house to pick him up, his biological mum, Luna, and his father, Little Biscuit, were jumping on me, like any normal dogs jump around a hysterical dog-lover who enthusiastically enters the house.

Gucci, on the other hand, was looking at me from the distance, serious, intelligent and calm. I felt like I was being interviewed. In the end, he decided I was OK and we would be willing to go with me.

When I brought him home, my mum went running to find a little dog bed she bought hundreds of years ago and no dog or cat ever wanted to stay in it for longer than 5 seconds.

There was that bed again, I started to laugh malignantly when she put Gucci in it, but he looked at us seriously and decided, “OK. Cool. I'll lie down." He didn't miss his mum or wanted to be close to me,… he was simply the coolest, independent, one-man player.

I was desperate, “I didn't get a small dog to make him sleep next to my bed! He'll sleep IN my bed!" He was equally cool with that. He was like a drawn dog… wherever you drown him, he would stay there: on a chair, next to the sofa, on the sofa, in a bag,… I wished he was more needy but no, he was an independent little man.

Kissing Gucci in Anfi del Mar, a dog-friendly lounge bar.

We sleep together but if he's sleepy and I start to cuddle him, he stands up with determination, marches on the other side of the bed and flings himself down with a sight,

“Men, is she tiring, it's midnight! I need my beauty sleep!"

He always acted like a thinker with short episodes of playfulness. I was rewarding that behavior because he was supposed to be quiet, invisible and inaudible in many different dog-unfriendly hotel rooms, where he was hidden while I was working. When I would pick him up, it was still an “Shhhhhhh!" moment, I would put him in his bag and sneak him out. Then, the crazy playing moment would begin and he was acting like a real puppy for a while. After that, he was again eyeing me seriously, almost asking me questions about my day at work.

Gucci is a serious little man.

Gucci having cocktails in Amadores, Canary Islands

Gucci in Amadores, Canary Islands

Pretentious Gucci in Anfi del Mar, Canary Islands

Gucci in Anfi del Mar, Canary Islands

Whisky, a Taz full of love

Whisky is a Boston Terrier. She's hyper, super, ultra in everything.

When we came to pick her up, she showed us right away her character.

She was climbing all over us, licking us, trying to talk, to show us she was the best out of all her brothers, she was ready to leave, to conquer the world and to slather her love all over it.

She's a whirligig and an earthquake, she's Taz, Disney's Devil of Tasmania. But when she cuddles, she cuddles like no dog in the world can cuddle.

She's a dog of thousand kisses per minute, she needs you, she wants you close, she'll shower you with her love. Love is coming out of every single pore of her little body.

And when she sleeps, OMG. She's the sweetest sleeper ever: she'll climb on you and sleep with her head on your neck, she'll go under the blanket and stick her little body to you and she won't separate till morning. You can kiss her, you can move her all over, she'll drown into the feeling of being loved by just saying, “hmmmmmm…"

Whisky loves us all, she's made of tenderness, warmth and deep affection but her favorite, out of all, is my cat Ayla. Sometimes they literally kiss for hours. They also play like wild tigers, dragging each other with their teeth all over the floor, savoring their strange Sado-Maso game and a total trust into each other.

When she sees a dog on a street, she says “hi" like a little terrier bitch, it seems she'll tear his jugular, jumping directly in direction of the poor animal's neck even if it's a 50 kilos Bull Terrier. Immediately after that, she'll say she's sorry, she'll throw herself on the floor with her legs in the air and she'll become his best friend.

Whisky and her best friend Ayla

Whisky & Miu just chilling.

Whisky and her cats

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