My Dog Became A Celebrity On The Enchanting Amalfi Coast

La Costiera Amalfitana, known as the land of lemons, is a famous tourist destination, one of the most popular and beautiful parts of coastal Italy. The Amalfi Coast stretches for about 40 kilometers from the Bay of Naples all the way to the Salerno Bay and attracts visitors with its immense beauty with the same intensity as from ancient Roman times.

The enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean nature, the characteristic architecture, several great sandy beaches and the incredibly special coastal terrain, which certainly attracts filmmakers with its steep cliffs for capturing especially tense exciting shots, is marked by numerous terraced vineyards, lush orchards, and green pastures.

The decoration in the architecture makes a mosaic of enchantingly beautiful villas and Roman ruins that make the whole part even more spectacular. The main attractions of the Amalfi Coast are mostly dormant towns with beautiful cathedrals, churches, monasteries that still live today. Particularly attractive are medieval castles and watchtower towers, of which there are several in this area.

The entire coast has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.

Gucci & Co. on the dazzling Amalfi Coast.

The spectacular Amalfi coast

The coast is named after the small town of Amalfi. There are thirteen settlements and numerous dormant villages in the Amalfi Coast area, mostly oriented towards tourism and fishing, like Positano, Furore, Ravelo, Sorrento.


Sorrento, the romantic small town in the Bay of Naples, is a must-visit. While walking through it, sitting down to a coffee by the famous cliff, or descending all the way to the coast to the city beach, I was unconsciously expecting to see Dean Martin flirting on a corner and singing “That's Amore”.

You'll survive the crazy drivers but you won't survive all the delicious Italian food you will devour

From Sorrento to Salerno, starting from the town of Vietri Sul Mare in the east, all the way to the most famous Positano, the Amalfi coast is connected by the famous Strada Statale 163, a thoroughfare located a hundred meters above the sea, with innumerable curves and one, relatively narrow strip for each direction.

Some scared-looking tourists were driving micro rented cars and trying to bypass with busses driven by the Schumacher brothers. Don't worry, Italians are great drivers, they won't crash against your car, maybe they'll just slightly “kiss” your car with theirs.

Try not to be too surprised when you hear a hysterical horn behind you and in the rearview mirror, you see an 80 years old lady trying to bypass you while screaming and waving her hands with a typical “ma che cazo fai?!” gesture. She knows the road (and I suppose she doesnt have too much time left…), so please, give the right blinker, let her pass. Try to laugh when you see she won't wave a “thank you”, she'll give you some more angry waving “dai, finalmente, stronzo!”. There are some nice Italian hand gestures you can show her back, google a little bit, you'll need them in Italy.

It took us one whole day, 10 espressos and 1 cappuccino, 7 ice creams, 2 pizzas, 2 spaghetti with clams, 2 aubergine parmigiana, a few mozzarellas with tomato and basil, 2 focaccias and 8 limoncellos to cross those 40 kilometers. It's absolutely impossible to cross the distance without stopping in all of those beautiful villages and it's even more impossible not to devour everything you see.

Gucci dreaming of far away in the port of Positano.

Everywhere we stopped, the Italians went crazy about Gucci: first of all, Gucci was welcomed anywhere, the waiters were baby-talking to him, cuddling him, offering water. They wanted to have pictures with him, to buy him, to steal him, to introduce him to their female Malteses to have perfect puppies. They were shocked when they heard Gucci flew all over from Gran Canaria to visit the Amalfi coast and even more shocked when they find out Gucci have already been to 14 different countries. Gucci was Amalfi's celebrity.

For God's sake, don't leave the Amalfi coast without trying some of the local specialties made from a specific kind of huge lemon, slightly sweeter than an ordinary, whose plantations in a row (like vineyards) can be seen on the slopes above the entire coast. Whether you choose to try lemon candy, fantastic lemon zest with crumbled ice, or limoncello liqueur, the choice is yours.

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