On His First Flight My Baby Doggy Met HRH

Gucci caught his first flight when he was two months old. It was also his first contact with the outside world. Everything Gucci does from day one, he does it with glamour, so his first friend had to be … a royal. Read about Gucci’s first flight.

I never gave Gucci any medicine for preventing the vomiting or for calming down. Not giving him any food from the night before was enough for everything to come out of that tiny body before he entered the plane.

He had his favorite “Baby Nose” toy inside of his bag. He already learned the bag was his safe place because even home, I would leave it on the floor and put all his toys inside. He would enter by himself, take the toys out, fall asleep hugging a toy with his tushy outside… So he didn’t need any calming down tablet to be sleeping like a baby.

There was an overbooking, so they put us in the business class. Neather Gucci or I complained.

Mr. Bracelet

An elegant, black gentleman entered the plane in the last second, it seamed we were waiting for him. He happened to leave the plane first, also. For security reasons. He sat next to us.

I couldnt stop looking at his African bracelet all the time, I’m obsessed with jewelry and that was one Mrs. Bracelet.

During the takes off and landings, I always tuck my hand inside the bag and cuddle Gucci, so he doesn’t get scared in case of turbulence, while during the flight he sleeps as he would at home.

Gucci puppy baby with all his four in the air.

Gucci caught his first flight when he was only two months old.

During the flight, I couldn’t resist, the stewardesses looked cool, so I lifted the bag on my knees and opened it.

(It’s not allowed to open the dog’s bag. However, on Italian companies, the stewardesses always laugh and want to cuddle Gucci, while on Spanish flights they always bark from the tail of the plane to close the bag. In case I ever wondered where the Inquisition came from…)

He was sleeping on his back, with all his four in the air. Adorable and more pink than white, still looking like a little piggy.

Suddenly, our neighbor politely asked me:

“Ehm, what, how,… is he trained to be so calm?”

I laughed: “How trained could a two-month puppy be? No, he’s simply an angel.”

He cuddled Gucci for a while, we had a nice chit-chat and then he presented himself.

Gucci’s first ever friend was His Royal Highness, the king of Ghana. Nice start.

On behalf of my well-behaved puppy, His Royall Highness gifted me with a beautiful necklace, very similar to his bracelet I was shamelessly eying during the flight. Gucci didn’t care about my new necklace, the Baby-Nose tasted better.

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  1. Usually I do not read post on blogs, however I would like to say that your blog is very impressive to read! Your writing style has amazed me. Thanks, very nice post.

  2. Such a sweet doggy! I also have a Maltese, I wish it occurred to me before I could carry him with me everywhere. I’ll do it from now on!

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