Our Dogs Loved Running Through The Lavender Fields In Provence

The lavender was my obsession with this trip.

On each trip, I discover some new obsession, so A. runs around the country trying to satisfy my desires. This time it was lavender fields.

We do have lavender in Croatia, but my obsessions are not run by any logic.


We arrived late to our cottage, everyone was sleeping and in the dark, we could only see the outlines of the slender cypresses and smell the lavender. There it waaaaas! The only thing that stopped me from throw myself in it and drown in its scent was my arachnophobia.

In the morning we opened the door to let the “kids” out. They were running like crazy, delighted and not used to having any grass whatsoever in Gran Canaria.

Suddenly, I saw Whisky rolling on the floor with a man. I double-checked if A. was still in the bathroom or he secretly crawled out threw the window to play with the dogs. Nope, he was still in there.

The guy barking at Whisky on all fours was the owner of our cottage who wanted to say hello to us …

Hmmm, so that's how the French are going to play now? Buying my affection through my dogs? It was working…

Our host in Provence, welcoming Whisky on all fours.

Our French host welcoming our dogs

Gordes: Our Lavender Tour Officially Started

Whisky, admiring the picturesque Gordes, France's most beautiful villages.

Gucci in Gordes

The fuss starts even before entering “the most beautiful village in Provence": on the neighboring hill.

The buses with Japanese tourists, English screaming at their children, Italians screaming in general, the wanna-be influencers,… all of them trying to monopolize the perfect spot above the cliff to get a perfect selfie with Gordes in the back.

I could not resist, either. I wrestled a Chinese influencer invading her camera frame while she usurped the sights and then almost bite of the head of another vain girl who did the same thing to me.

All of us looking like a wet chicken, with no hairstyle or any makeup left thanks to 200 Celsius hot waves attacking Europe. We were all melting in the front of our guys' eyes, just hoping it wasn't visible on the photos.

To enter Gordes during the Provencal market where you can buy everything from flowers, fish, local products, and antiques was like entering a beehive.

While attending a driving school, A. was not taught to decipher the “cars prohibited” traffic sign, so he enters with a car anywhere.
We always say: if Gucci didn't poop somewhere, it's like he was never there. If A. didn't get the driving/parking ticket, he was never there either.

He drove in the beehive to scout the situation, to see where the main happenings were, where he could park and how was the situation for the “kids”. The strollers? The bags? Are there many places that will require hiding them? It was too hot, they would suffer every minute and everyone would step on them… The strollers!

I adore how people moving like flies, without looking, bump with their foot against the stroller's wheel and not against my dog.

Gucci and Whisky wondering where are we

“Why is mummy running through lavender fields? Does mummy have some mental issues?"

Hotel "La Bastide de Gordes"

Dog friendly 5 stars Hotel La Bastide de Gordes

A. shamelessly went to the only parking he detected: a 5-star hotel's parking.

The parking guy, dressed in some medieval costume, jumped over our car hood:

“Are you our guests?"

“Of course we are!"


Nonchalantly, he gave the guy the car key, “We are just going to have a look at the market and then we'll come back to have lunch."

“Ahaaaaa. Ok."

There were thousands of people melting around and buying lavender soaps when I fell in love with a goat Juliette.

I couldn't stop calling her “The lovely Juliette" like the french bitch who stole Kate's fiancé in “The french kiss".

A. had to separate me from the lovely goat by force and we headed back to the beautiful hotel whose guests we supposedly were.

On the Provence market in Gordes, I met a lovely Juliette, the goat.

Gucci and Whisky enjoying a 24 euro Campari and a 15 euro Coca Cola in the Hotel La Bastide de Gordes. If dog-friendly, it's worth it.

There were at least 4 more french ladies with small dogs having aperitifs next to their owners.

That 15 euro Coca Cola was wort it.

The Lavender Tour Continues

While searching for lavender fields, we entered every little town, each one of them completely different.

The Provence markets are organized every day in another town so when you hit the town when there's no market, it looks like a ghost town.

Gucci and the ochre of Roussillon.


Gucci and Whisky resting under the windmill


You and 2 local cats are the only ones moving around it, no one normal is on the street while it's hot as in the oven.

Strange cat in Provence

God bless A., he stopped every 10 minutes to take photos of every time more purple lavender and every time bigger field. I couldn't resist.

Lavender-addict sniffing her drug

Gucci and Whisky in lavender fields in Provence.

Why is mummy still running through lavender? Have we lost her forever?

Gucci and Whisky thought they were in paradise: 5 minutes of running around lavender, 10 minutes of driving with the air condition turned on maximum, 5 minutes of running, 10 of cooling,…

In, out, in, out,…

Someone was going to sleep that night…

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