Our Dogs Visiting The Dolce & Gabbana’s Island Of Capri

Gucci visited Capri, an island of sun and lemon.

The “jewel of the Mediterranean", this small island is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. With its atmosphere of refinement and wealth, its narrow alleyways, pastel houses, pebble beaches, and the crystalline sea, the island of Capri stands out among all the others.

According to Homer, there were sea sirens on Capri whose beautiful voices lured the sailors causing shipwrecks.

We didn't see the sirens but they say their voices are still heard. Although we didn't hear them, that doesn't mean anything. I hear voices all the time telling me to buy a new dress and A. swears he doesn't hear it. I think he could be deaf.

Capri's appeal was known to the Roman Emperors, European artists, writers, painters, and jet-setters, like Jackie Kennedy's. Jackie wore the famous Capri sandals which I planned to buy but when I put them on my feet I felt like a short-legged duck.

I walked away without buying another pair of shoes I was never going to put on. Gucci and A. were shocked by my maturity and common sense.

Gucci's cuddling moment in Capri

Godere means enjoi, Italy means godere

Aperol Spritz-ing in Capri

Dolce and Gabbana said: “There is no season for women on Capri. She lives life, love, and passion."

Well, what a coincidence, I also happen to live life, love, and passion! So I went back for “the Jackie sandals".

I know, shut up.

How to go to Capri?

Eather by helicopter (we'll do that next time, Naomi didn't pick up her phone on me this time) or by boat, like ordinary mortals. 

The closest and the quickest (20 minutes) is to sail to Capri from Sorrento. Dogs are welcome on the boat and Gucci was not the only one. The “hiding” bag wasn't needed. 

There are two cities on the island: Capri (where you'll arrive) and Anacapri (where you'll go to buy Jackie O. sandals). 

A dog-friendly boat, Gucci is in the bag so he doesn't get dirty

Dog-friendly boat from Sorrento to Capri.

Gucci is in the bag so he doesn't make himself dirty, not the other way around.

Moving around Capri

Gucci under the bougainvillea in Capri

Non-resident vehicles are not allowed in summer and most roads are pedestrian but there are minibusses, taxis, funicular, rent-a-scooter, and your summer-swollen feet.

Considering it's all uphill, in our case, it won't happen ever and not even then… We went by the funicular, which climbs uphill for 15 minutes. 

The taxis are hilarious! They carry 7 passengers and are open-top so the tourists look like Hollywood stars.

Not everyone plays well the movie star role, so we were laughing while having coffees and looking at some people's hilariously dorky serious faces; 

Japanese ladies stiff and preoccupied because of the strong sun and no-ruff situation; 

some young ladies in search of a rich husband or paparazzi, with their make up melting down their cheeks.

Btw. ladies, about that makeup during summer trips…

Some rouge is OK, but everything else looks funny when you start sweating.

Also, a tourist in high heels looks pretty ridiculous. You'll have blisters all over and your sweaty food will additionally move inside of the shoe, so you can easily hurt yourself. Your only memory will be the suffering and … it doesn't even look good. Everyone can see your pain, one will laugh, the others will just think “ouch…”. 

Your future husband or a modeling agent doesn't expect to discover you walking kilometers in high heels. 

Fighting the wind in Capri

Wind fiddling with my hat in Capri

Visit the Piazza Umberto I with its charming cafes and restaurants. Be sure to try the Capri salad with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil, Caprese chocolate cake and ice cream at a “Buonocore patisserie" with homemade cornets. 


We did, if someone ever doubt about it. The two of us in Italy eat for 5 healthy people.


You can also take the cable car to a vantage point that offers a great view of the Faraglioni, the three spurs of rock which rise out of the sea, although all the views are spectacular, with a cable car or not.

While trying to make a perfect selfie with the enchanting Faraglioni, with the selfie stick in one hand, Gucci in another and with my potential third hand trying to hold my hat while the wind was taking it off my head, I remembered the Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue perfume scene: the colors, the scents, the seagulls over our heads threating to bomb us … I spontaneously started to sing, making dramatical gestures with my hands, in a not precisely Caruso way: 

“Paaaaaaaaaarlami d'amore, Mariùuuuuuuuuu!

Tuuuuuuuutta la mia vita sei tuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

Gucci turned around looking at me in shock; there wasn't even a fool moon and mummy was howling… 

A. was bending with laughter and there it was: my favorite song was born. It's still my mobile's ring tone. 

That's what Capri does to people! You become an artistic soul, a poet, an opera singer and a movie star. 

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