Sicily Loves You Back

I'm in love with Sicily! The food, the people, the landscape, the architecture,… I love everything about them and I'm sorry they have such a bad reputation and less tourism then they deserve. I always feel welcome and secure in Sicily, much more than in many other parts of the world.

The Italians are always surprised when I declare my love to Sicily and they always say I should visit Sardinia because Sardinia IS something special.” Hmmmm, I visited Sardinia two times,…., and, no… My heart stays with Sicily!

“Leave The Gun, Take the Cannoli”

Cathedral of Saint Agatha in Catania

That was our first trip together and A. wanted to visit Sicily, because “he has never heard me talking so enthusiastically about any other place.”

“I want to see that Sicily of yours!"

Sicilia, I'm coming back! And this time, with Gucci!

I was a little bit worried about visiting the south of Italy with Gucci because I'm used to get a great dog treatment in central and northern Europe, but the more you go to the south the people get more, let me be diplomatic and call them “traditional", more “dogs belong to the backyard, not to a hotel”.

In Croatia, we have a saying that refers to our Croatian southern, coastal part: “Sto juznije, to tuznije” (The further south the sadder (the situation)). I wish in all the Mediterranean countries dogs would get the same treatment as in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,… but Mediterranean countries usually trot behind the central European evolution.

I was going to have my “hiding dog bag” always prepared for criminal activities. As I later learned, totally unnecessary anywhere in Italy.

How to get to Sicily?

The easiest way to travel to Sicily is to fly to Palermo but we choose to fly to Naples, rent a car and visit the charming villages on the Amalfi coast and the jaw-dropping Capri. We would continue the trip to the “tip of the Italian boot” and cross to Sicily by ferry.

Before a flight, I never feed Gucci so I died when A. proudly informed me he managed to make Gucci eat a whole can of food. Nooooo!!!! I was hoping he wouldn't vomit on the plain. I knew he wouldn't poop, he's too educated for that, but I hoped he wouldn't suffer.

When we landed in Naples, while still waiting for our suitcases, he stared warningly at me with those two black dots, “Take me out! Now!” He pooped the second I put him on the floor outside of the building and A. breathed a sigh of relief.

Read about our visits to the Amalfi coast and Capri.

Gucci and the colors of the volcano Etna.

Volcano Etna


Bella Napoli

No helmet? No problem.

Naples... A trio on a Vespa with zero helmets.

The ferry to Sicily

A. travels a lot between the Canarian Islands by ferry and he was laughing about how the Sicilians did in 10 minutes the same procedure of loading the cars onto the ferry that takes the Canarians 45 minutes. 10 minutes after we were already navigating and half an hour later we were on Sicily.

Did we have to go to the ferry with Gucci hidden in the closed bag …? No. Love them.

Have I already told you how much I love the Sicilians?

While we were driving toward our apartment, A.'s iPhone got crazy, it was useless. It was already too late when we concluded the place A. reserved was some village in another part of Sicily.

At 1 am we started to hysterically look for new accommodation near where we were, afraid we would not be able to find anything so late, especially not dog-friendly. Wrong!

Everything is possible in my Sicily!

We found a cozy hotel surrounded by nature, whose owner picked his Vespa to search for us all over the mountain and welcomed us like an old friend. I asked if there was any pizzeria still open and he started to call all his friends working in pizzerias, wanting to take us personally, so we wouldn't have to search for it. At 2 am!

A. asked if, maybe, he could offer us something to eat, because it would be less complicated.

“Sure I have food, but la signorina wants pizza!"

Omg, how adorable!?

We preferred to stay in the hotel's garden, eating Sicilian goat cheese, prosciutto, olives, the wine from the nearby farms… with Alfredo laughing with us till 4 am like we were a family coming from far away and he was happy to finally have us there.

Gucci in sunny Noto, having a too early Campari.

Gucci was sleeping in my arms, welcomed in the hotel, in the restaurant, without any need for me to take out of the car my “hiding bag”.

In the end, A. had to wrestle with Alfredo to allow him to pay which he was refusing, because “it wasn't a real meal"!

Have I already told you how much I love the Sicilians?


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