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Maltese and Boston Terrier crossing the Swiss Alps on the same spot Hannibal's elephants did

Maltese & Boston Terrier Are Two Completely Different Pocket Type Of Dogs

A Maltese and a Boston terrier, two contrasting, completely opposite kinds of dogs: a cool dude and a devil of Tasmania.

Read about Gucci's and Whisky's personalities and you'll learn what every dog owner already knows: they are not animals, they are little persons. Continue reading

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An American Stanford, so strong yet so gentle

Small Dogs vs Big Dogs

To love a dog and for him to love you, you don’t need a pure breed dog and I would always encourage you to adopt!

However, before getting a dog, you have to ask yourself what are your plans with that dog. Is he going to be a worker that needs tasks? Will hey just lie around all day doing nothing? Are you planning to be one crazy dog-mum, always have your doggy near you, even when traveling?

I’m guilty on being the last one: an ultra-crazy dog-mummy. Read about how I learned to choose the kind of dog I need. Continue reading

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