From Biarritz To Rocamadour With Dogs And Monkeys

Maltese dog in Rocamadour with the church of Our Lady of Rocamadour Black Madonna

The first thing you notice when you enter France, coming from Spain, is that people on the street don't scream while talking.

Even the children behave.

And yes, the dogs are everywhere, behaving even better than anyone else. Continue reading “From Biarritz To Rocamadour With Dogs And Monkeys”

Taormina The Grande Dame Of The Ionian Sea

Maltese dog in beautiful Taormina

The glamorous Taormina has that vibe of a medieval, untouchable beauty with an ancient greek soul, dressed in Mediterranean colors and perfumes, hugged by the mountains, admired by the visitors, while she watches the world around her from above, from the cliffs above the sea.

One of the most beautiful places in the world, it has been the prestigious summer residence of emperors, aristocrats, and bankers, from the Wilhelm II German Emperor to the Rothschilds. Continue reading “Taormina The Grande Dame Of The Ionian Sea”

Learn How To Savor La Dolce Vita In Italy

Enjoying Campari in Capri, Italy

I adore Italy: the food, the people, the landscape, the architecture,… I spent a lot of my life in Italy as a tourist or as a part of an Italian family, shopping, skiing, working, enjoying the nightlife or simply hopping over to have a coffee and a lunch (Trieste is 2,5 hours away from Zagreb so we used to decide on a Saturday midday we would love to have some Italian pizza and some new leather shoes in the afternoon). Continue reading “Learn How To Savor La Dolce Vita In Italy”