How I Feed My Dogs And Why None Of Them Was Ever Overweight

Baby Boston terrier with the "I just farted" look

I had many dogs in my life and none of them was overweight.
Never in my life had I used the measuring cup or a scale for weighing their food. Never in my life, I had a food-obsessed dog. Continue reading “How I Feed My Dogs And Why None Of Them Was Ever Overweight”

Dry vs Canned Dog Food

Maltese dog celebrating his birthday

My longtime experience with giving my dogs dry vs. canned food.

As I explained in my earlier post, I never measure the dog's food! That's why all my dogs were psychologically balanced and not obsessed with food, as well as very fit little guys. None of my dogs was ever fat and none of them was drooling around people who were eating. They always have their bowls full of food and they decide when and how much they want to eat. Continue reading “Dry vs Canned Dog Food”