Sicily Loves You Back

Maltese dog on the mesmerizing Amalfi coast

I'm in love with Sicily! The food, the people, the landscape, the architecture,… I love everything about them and I'm sorry they have such a bad reputation and less tourism then they deserve. I always feel welcome and secure in Sicily, much more than in many other parts of the world. Continue reading “Sicily Loves You Back”

On His First Flight My Baby Doggy Met HRH

Maltese dog in pajama, on an early flight in his "invisible dog" bag

Gucci caught his first flight when he was two months old. It was also his first contact with the outside world. Everything Gucci does from day one, he does it with glamour, so his first friend had to be … a royal. Read about Gucci’s first flight. Continue reading “On His First Flight My Baby Doggy Met HRH”

Preparing Your Dog For The Flight

Maltese dog stretching in the car after a long ride

Tips from an experienced dog traveler about flying with a small dog and having him inside the airplane cabin with you. What to do the day before the flight? How to prepare the dog for the flight? What do you have to do on the day of the flight, at the airport? How to pass the security control?
Be prepared, know all the steps you'll have to do at the airport, so you don't walk around the insecure, nervous and scared you'll lose your flight. Continue reading “Preparing Your Dog For The Flight”

Buying The Airplane Ticket And Notifying The Company You’re Traveling With A Pet On Board

Maltese and Boston Terrier at the airport in their bags ready for the flight

You have a small dog that weighs less than eight kilograms and you've heard you could take him on the plane with you?

You would like to finally start to travel with him around the world but you don't know where to start?

Read all the tips and tricks from a highly experienced dog traveler, Gucci. And from his owner, she also knows a few things. Continue reading “Buying The Airplane Ticket And Notifying The Company You’re Traveling With A Pet On Board”