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Insecticides kill fleas and thicks

How To Get Rid Of The Dog Fleas with INSECTICIDES

Looking for the best flea remedy? What are the INSECTICIDES? How do they work? Read about anti-fleas ampoules and sprays. For how long do they really work? Does washing the dog remove its effect? Which ones are THE BEST ones? Should you use them? Would I use them?

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Maltese dog at hairdresser

Dog Grooming At Home

Dog Grooming at home: Brushing, Washing, Drying & Removing tear stains. Tricks & Tips for keeping your dog groomed home, in between the visits to his hairdresser.

I recommend you to remove any tangles before you leave your dog to the hairdresser. It's not their dog and they have another dog's appointment in some reasonable time. They will not have time to get into a fight with your dog's nodes If your dog is a mess, they will simply cut his hair short.

Do your part of the job before you leave them your dog! Continue reading

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Maltese dog in a too expensive dress only one very stupid mummy can buy

Things You Really Need To Buy For Your New Puppy

What do you REALLY need to buy when you have a new puppy? And what is just a waste of money? Don't repeat my mistakes.

Our adventure started where everything should start: in a shopping mall. My new baby needed…everything! ( No, he didn't! DO NOT repeat my mistakes! He DID NOT need half of it!) Continue reading

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