Taormina The Grande Dame Of The Ionian Sea

The glamorous Taormina has that vibe of a medieval, untouchable beauty with an ancient greek soul, dressed in Mediterranean colors and perfumes, hugged by the mountains, admired by the visitors, while she watches the world around her from above, from the cliffs above the sea.

One of the most beautiful places in the world, it has been the prestigious summer residence of emperors, aristocrats, and bankers, from the Wilhelm II German Emperor to the Rothschilds.

To get to the center, it is necessary to leave the car in one of the numerous private garages under the hill, because it's practically impossible to park or even enter Taormina.

However, if you travel with A., then, despite all the warnings, you will enter Taormina by car and you'll even park on a semi prohibited place saved for you by Saint Pancrazio personally, in the front of his church.

In Taormina, not posing for the picture, we are simply dead, it's 50 degrees.

The church of San Pancrazio in Taormina.

Saint Pancrazio and I, we're great friends.

We first met when I moved to Spain. A friend of mine said, “I'm broke! I've had enough! I'll put Saint Pancrazio in the freezer!"
“You'll do what?!"
“I give him parsley every day, I treat him great and that's how he pays me back?! Freezer!"
“You put a saint into the freezer…"
“Yes! And he's lucky! I know people who break his arm when he doesn't bring them money! There was that guy who tied him to his car and was dragging him all over the streets to punish him!"
I don't know how I survived the laughing attack but I did and the first thing I asked was, “Where do I get the guy?"
Someone had to give him to me as a present. Then I had to buy another one and send him to my mum to Croatia, who was laughing even harder then I did. In the next 3 months, I had to send 9 more statues to Croatia.

Yeah, no one is superstitious, no one is a believer, but everyone wants to have him. I can only talk in my name, but my Pancry is happy, he always has some fresh parsley and I never freeze him. He maybe doesn't bring me money but he saved the parking for us in Taormina, which is an even bigger miracle!

In Taormina, everything revolves around the main pedestrian street Corso Umberto I (everywhere in Italy everything revolves around Umberto). At each end of the street, there are beautiful, ancient entrances to the town.

The architecture is breathtaking, the narrow streets are magical packed with luxury shops, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops selling Sicilian delicacies such as dried tomatoes, various liqueurs, arancini, marzipan figures, and spices.

It’s funny to see how the souvenir shops sell the same souvenirs that are at least twice as expensive (or thrice) than in Palermo.

Gucci in charming Taormina.

Taormina, bowls of water for dogs outside of shops.

Very often, in front of the shops, you'll see freshwater for the dogs.

I appreciated a lot that beautiful gesture and although Gucci didn't want to drink anything since it was boiling hot and I was after him all day long with cold water, I couldn't help but shout without even entering all the shops: “thaaaank you”.

Taormina is a destination for the wealthy and famous, so you'll find the most famous designer boutiques all over the little town, such as Zegna, Valentino, Gucci, Marc Jacobs … Don't hope to snatch it at some discount here, lol. If that's what you're looking for, let me take you to the Sicily outlet later…

Gucci, however, insisted on having a Campari in the legendary Caffe Wunderbar, where Liz Taylor and Richard Barton used to have more than one, as we heard. It’s not my fault that dog is so posh, so we did as he demanded.

Gucci in vivid Taormina.

Gucci in scenic Taormina.

The main town square is a typical place the tourists and wannabe influencers try to monopolize to get that perfect selfie. It's no wonder, given that it's a perfect spot to admire the endless blue of the Ionian Sea below and the incredible Etna above. Breathtaking!

And also “hat-taking”… I saw at least three hats fly away from their's owners' heads.

The Greek Theater, which is the second-largest ancient theater after the largest one in the city of Syracuse was originally built by the Greeks and it was almost completely reconstructed by the Romans.

By the Greeks, it was used for public appearances and performances, by the Romans for gladiatorial fights, and today it is used for theater performances and concerts.

The theater has a beautiful view of the bay and Mount Etna, but Gucci didn't care for that but for jumping like a goat from one ancient seat to another. He doesn't have an artistic soul like I do… OK, enough of art, let’s go to the Outlet!

Gucci in Taormina, in his

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