The Amalfi Coast Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

During the 40 km ride along the Amalfi coast, between Cetara and Minori, each one of us gained 5 kilograms, which means: each one of us gained one Gucci.

Good thing they just weight dogs on the airports, because I wouldn't be allowed to enter the cabin and they would put me with oversized luggage and sports equipment in the cargo hold.

Atrani & Ravello

Given that, unlike some other places of the coast, it is not a mandatory target of many tourists, the tiny Atrani is perhaps the ideal place to start touring the coast, sit in one of the cafeterias and order coffee, ice cream or pizza. Here we gathered energy for a tourist stampede of the rest of the coast.

Ravello, in my opinion, is the most romantic place in southern Italy. It is situated on steep terraced slopes above the sea. It is a combination of quiet streets and cultivated gardens. Gucci loved the Villa Cimbrone's garden where he met a coquette Maltese called Channel and run after her for 15 minutes. He also thought Ravello was incredibly romantic!

Due to its high position, Ravello does not have direct access to any beach, but still bears the title of being visited by all couples in love or those in love with art, because of its perfect and unique view of the sea and nearby cliffs. If you want some beautiful photos of those famous panoramas of the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is a place you have to visit.

Cetara & Minori

The smaller fishing village of Cetara is known for its larger fleet of tuna hunters, but the specialty of anchovies is certainly the goal of every visitor looking for a good bite. Where the bites are, we are too.

The nearby village of Minori is proud of its somewhat smaller sandy beach then it's bigger brother Maiori, but we come from Canary islands, so we don't search for any more sand, it's the only thing we have there.

The idyllic view of this small town is enhanced by terraced orchards, an abundance of lemon trees and beautiful vineyards. Due to its location, Minori is characterized by a specific fresher microclimate and a light breeze that blows almost daily which was a relief because it was as hot as in hell all day long.

What actually brings visitors to this village is the widely known homemade, handmade pasta, so why should've we be any different? We ate everything we saw, we were starting to explode.

Amalfi & Positano

Being cheeky in Positano.

The two most famous and visited places of the Amalfi Coast are Amalfi and Positano.


The attractive city of Amalfi is the largest city on this coast, which gave its name to the entire coastal zone. The city is located on the cliffs and is characterized by guard towers against pirates and a beautiful cathedral.

Between Amalfi and Positano, there are places on the slopes of steep cliffs with pastel yellow, blue and pink huts like minions. Between them, the road often turns into a bridge that connects the ravine and crosses over narrow, deep bays with crystal clear sea, beach and small villages of few houses. If you can, stop by one of them, preferably Furore, or Praia.


Positano is the stunning, but most commercialized little town in the zone. The majority of Americans visiting Italy (and Europe in general) reside in Positano and what surprised me is the fact that I heard more Americans speaking English on the streets of Positano then I did in New York City, where everybody spoke Spanish. So that's where the Americans are: in Positano!

In the central part of Positano is one of the supposedly 20 most beautiful streets of the Mediterranean, with stone sidewalks with many souvenir shops over which bougainvilleas and purple wisteria hang over the roof.

Even A. didn't find a parking place on the streets of Positano, especially because you can't enter to the little town, almost all of it is a pedestrian zone, so I recommend you to go by car all the way down and park on the parking place next to the entrance to the pedestrian zone.

It's a little bit more expensive than the parking places further up the hill, but it's worth it! You'll still have to walk plenty through the pedestrian zone, do you really want to start the walking tour on the steep cliffs and walk kilometers down (and later up) the hill on 45 degrees? I didn't think so.

Gucci agreed he walked enough, he didn't need a few kilometers up the hill more.

Gucci in the port of Positano.

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