The Best Dog Bags Are Invisible Dog Bags

You wonder what is the best dog bags for general use and for traveling with your dog?

Dog bags, dog trolley, dog stroller, kangaroo bag,… We tried them all, we have them all, we use them on a regular basis. Let me tell you all the secrets.

I’m proud to say a have a Master’s Degree in dog bags, Harward level of Master, not just any Master. Gucci goes with me wherever I go and if the place is not pet-friendly, it is bag-friendly and what (who) is in my bag is NOT of your concern!

Choose wisely your dog bag

What’s the purpose of a bag if you suddenly have to go to a supermarket, you can’t enter with a dog obviously and you’re wearing some ridiculous dog bag, with little bones and “Wuff, wuff" written all over it and there’s that stupid head opening and you can’t explain your dog to hide inside while you’re buying the groceries?! Gucci’s bags are neutral solid colors, boring, “don’t even look at me" kind of bags. The ones that can close with the zipper completely so you can use them as airplane carriers too.

Gucci’s first-ever bag didn’t look like a dog bag at all. It didn’t have the head opening and depending on if I left it zipped or unzipped, he could get his head out or not so it worked as an airplane travel dog bag as well. It had a thick net in the front, in the back and on the top of the bag, so Gucci could see outside, while it was almost impossible to see him inside. Only if you watched very carefully, you could see the three black spots; the nose and the eyes, looking at you from the inside.

Above that, there were three “curtains” made of the same material as the bag for covering those nets and then the bag would look just like any other big tote bag, but closed with a zipper from above. The bag was simply perfect for hiding a dog!

It had also many pockets and even a “false bottom”, a perfect place for holding our passports and money during the trips. Inside he had a huge pillow and always, one of his toys.

I wanted him to consider his doggy bag like a safe, happy place, so I always left it on the floor, with his toys inside.
He climbed in, he climbed out, sometimes he would get tired half the way and he would just fell asleep with his bum hanging outside.
He learned from day one that bags are great places and he still loves them. Even if I leave my handbag on the sofa, he tries to enter and since it’s too small, he just lies down on it.

Thanks to that, I never, ever had to give him any calming down pill for the trip. There’s nothing more calming down then his own “safe, happy” bag.

Gucci in his

Thanks to the “invisible bag" Gucci visited the “Casino Royale Monte Carlo”… the Security guys saw everything but the dog

I bought many more bags, looking more like a real “dog bags" than “it’s just a casual bag, don’t even look at me"; In Monte Carlo, I bought a Barbie pink one, I still feel the stomach cramps when I remember the price of it; in Vienna, I bought the one with thousands of rhinestones; I don’t remember where I bought the blue one with bones…
Stupidity alarm was screaming in my head, but I was stronger. I wone over my brain, yupi.

I never wore those bags, none of them! Where the hell would you go with a Barbie bones bag, even if you have a puppy inside of it!? You buy a bag to match your clothes, not your childish alter ego!

I wore the brown one, I wore the black one, both “invisible" to the enemy’s mean eye (the one that says “Dogs are not alooooowd").

Dog trolley

As time passes, we are getting every time more practical and more ridiculous in the eyes of other people. Which we don’t care.

So, long after the many bags, the dog trolley came to our lives. Great stuff, when you’re not incognito and your dog is legitim visitor. The dog feels comfy inside, you don’t have to wear 5 kg for hours around the world, great idea. I loved it until I did a mistake and visited the Ikea store in Gran Canaria.

For me, Ikea is a symbol for the advanced North, eco-friendly, animal-friendly and everywhere in the world, dog-friendly. Well, Gran Canaria is not a “world", it’s the backyard of the world.

I entered with Gucci in the trolley completely closed when an employee came running to me to warn me the dog couldn’t enter. Because he could pee or jump on the sofa… or stick his tongue to an idiot!

I promised I would leave, but I was leaving threw the shop toward the exit not toward the entrance, because I decided so.

He was hysterically trying to stop me, to jump on me, to cut my way, he called the security, they were all running around to catch me.

On the Canary Islands, there are no wild animals, no poisonous spiders or snakes, the sharks never ate anyone, no crocodiles, even the mosquitoes don’t bite.
There’s almost no crime, no weapons.
Since the Spanish conquistadors came and kill all the aborigines, on the Canary Islands nothing interesting happened, so they try to make a show out of anything.
They waited for centuries to see a woman with a small dog closed in his bag to run after them in a herd.

That’s how the “invisible dog" bag came back, because of the wild herds. The trolley we use on the scooter, it’s the perfect size and shape to stay between my legs and the scooter without moving at all.

Dog stroller

I have never used the dog stroller without pronouncing: “This is the best thing I have ever bought in my life!"

Very timidly, I decided to buy it on the Internet, because I’ve never even seen it in my real life. I was already very experienced, so I bought it in a boring beige. Although, there was that beautiful pink one, lol. But I learned that lesson once.

I bought the one with four wheels because I read that the one with three is not stable if you want to put inside two dogs.

Gucci and Whisky in Biarritz, in their stroller.

Dog stroller, definately the best thing I have ever bought in my life!

A. told me without runabout I would never see him pushing that thing. OK, OK, I was going to be the only one to use it! It’s complicated to go shopping with two dogs, the stroller was going to be my best friend.

Strollers rule, that’s the only thing I can say! I even did a little matching material curtains, so when I put them you can’t see “the baby” inside…
It’s “Shhhhhh, the baby is sleeping so I covered it" mode.

I love the stroller! Now I can shop all around the mall with Gucci and Whisky in the stroller and when I cover them in “Shhhh, the baby is sleeping" mode and we can enter any supermarket.

Oh, and… A. IS pushing it around all the time. Actually, he’s the one who says whenever we leave the house together: “Oooh, the stroller!"

The Kangaroo Bag

It’s a front version of a backpack. Great stuff if you want your doggy to be stuck to you while your hands remain free.

I hate to have my dog on the floor in a crowd because someone could step on him or bump him. Instead, I put him in the kangaroo bag, so I can always hug him while sticking out the elbows and innocently bumping back the bumpers.

We used it on German Christmas markets because we needed our hands free so we could hold a mulled wine, a pretzel, a bratwurst, and a goulash at the same time. It’s a non-diet kind of a bag.

We used it also for bumping the bumpers all over Zurich’s main street.

Gucci shopping in his kangaroo bag, literally

Gucci hanging in his kangaroo bag in a fitting room while I’m working on my new wardrobe task. Milan, Italy

On a cable car in Switzerland, the kangaroos were the most practical way of transporting Gucci and Whisky through the air. I’m afraid of heights, but only if I hold something in my hands and I know it could fell down. I don’t care if it’s just a chewing gum envelope paper, my legs feel like cut off if I see it falling down, which is great for the environment: I would rather die then throw away a paper.

So, the kangaroo bag is great when you both hang above the chasm. Something you could never do with that backpack except if you wanted to press the dog like a dandelion and make a herbarium specimen out of it.

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