The Best Ever Anti Fleas Product For Dogs

Find out about the best and the only anti-fleas product I use on my dogs, after more than 40 years of experience with dogs, cats, fleas, and thicks. When I discovered it, it changed my life! Our lives! My allergic Maltese never scratched again and it's the first time I don't get to see even one flea walking around my dog's body.


Finally. After all those repellents and insecticides, finally, … the star is born.

Bravecto is a veterinary medicinal product containing Fluralaner. It is available as a chewable tablet in different strengths for use in dogs of different weights.

It is used to treat dog infestation with ticks and fleas, even as part of a treatment strategy to control flea allergic dermatitis (flea bite allergic reactions) and has to be given every 12 weeks. It really IS effective for 12 weeks against fleas and 8 to 12 weeks against ticks. Gucci and Whisky get the tablet every 12 weeks and they never have ticks.

When you give it for the first time, Bravecto kills fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 12 hours. When you use it as a prolongation treatment, a dog doesn't even get infected with the parasites because the last tablet you gave covered the treatment till the moment you give the new tablet.

Gucci is so sensitive to the fleas that if I didn't give him Bravecto on the exact day he was supposed to get a new tablet and we go to a walk and another dog gets closer to him when we're back home he starts to scratch like crazy. He scratches all night, he plucks his hair on that spot because of scratching and I can't wait morning to come to go running to buy Bravecto as if my life depends on it. It actually does!

Bravecto tablets use to have such a good taste my dogs were desperate to get it, like if it was a treat for them. Then, suddenly, they started to spit it out, so I have to mash the tablet with a fork and then mix it with canned food. I only use cans when I have to give them some medication, so they adore it and have never enough of it. That way they devour anything I mix in.

Bravecto the best anti fleas remedy

Fluralaner kills fleas and ticks that feed on dog blood by acting on their nervous system. Wich means they die, they don't run away from the dog and hide on the sofa and then wait for you to come to suck your blood. Fluralaner kills fleas before hatching eggs, helping to reduce contamination of the dog's environment.

Which is exactly what I want: I want them dead! Not hidden and hungry!

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