The Disgusting Blood Sucking Little Vampires Called Dog Fleas

Find out what are fleas and how can you know if your dog has them. Why and where did he even get them?! Where do they come from? What kills fleas immediately and do the home and/or natural remedies actually work? How to get rid of the fleas eggs? Can a dog flea bite humans? How long can a flea survive hidden in your house, even if a pet is not in anymore? Learn what is the difference between insecticides and repellents. Find out about the best remedy against the fleas, discovered after decades of experimenting with every possible natural and chemical product. 

I dare you to read the text without scratching. I lost the bet already…

What are fleas?

Fleas are disgusting, small parasites that inhabit the animal's fur. They are very resilient and multiply quickly, especially if you live in the hot climate and humidity. Fleas do not have wings and cannot fly, but they have very strong hind legs that allow them to easily jump from one pet to another or even to a human.

Fleas are fed by sucking the blood of the animal they live on and are best suited for temperatures between 15-35 degrees and humidity between 75-85%. That's our climate 100% of the year. Yupi.

Even if your dog doesn't have any fleas (yet), you have to use some flea remedy that will prevent their appearance and if he already has them, the remedy will remove them. Remember, a flea remedy will only work on the fleas and not on their eggs and that's why it should have prolonged effect: to remove new fleas that will hatch from the eggs in the next week. 

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Fleas on a dog: symptoms

Sometimes pet owners ask me how to spot fleas on a dog given their imperceptible size and relatively easy hiding on the dog's skin and hair.

Well, don't look for the fleas, observe the dog!

Fleas leave their feces on the dog's body, they sting and suck blood, so they cause the following symptoms at the point of flea sting:

1 extremely severe itching, due to an allergic reaction to her saliva,

2 combing, redness, and hair loss,

3 thickened, sore and red skin,

4 small red scabs on the skin,

5 excrement of fleas on a dog's skin that looks like ground pepper.

Fleas reproduce very quickly, and one flea can live on an animal for weeks if not killed. An adult flea sucks the blood of an animal up to three times a day, and can also hatch 20-30 eggs daily, from which new fleas develop. In other words, a single flea on a dog's skin can result in hundreds of fleas after just a few days.

The problem arises when these eggs fall from a dog to humans and all over the house. Fleas prefer to suck an animal's blood, but if a flea was born, let's say, in a carpet and lives there for weeks, waiting like a vampire the bloody victim, that flea will drink any blood, even human's. That's why it is extremely important to detect fleas in time and prevent them from spreading.

Enough about the disgusting insects! Let’s destroy them!

Learn everything about the best FLEA REMEDIES: repellents and insecticides. 

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