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Hi! Welcome to my blog, Doggy lovers!

If you already checked out the “About Us” page then you know the stars of this blog are Gucci and Whisky, our beloved doggies who travel around the world with us. All of us together would like to show you how easy it is to take your dog with you wherever you go. In the end, having a dog should also mean to have fun, cuddle and relax together in your free time; to have a dog should not be just another responsibility, the last task to finish at the end of your busy day. You mean a world to him, wherever you leave him when traveling, you can be sure, he would prefer to be with you!

As a person who was seldom seen without a dog next to her head, while crawling and learning how to walk; next to her leg when I managed to finally stand up and who turned into a person who is never seen without a dog in her hands, people tend to ask me for advice when it’s about their pets. I always emphasize “In my experience it means…/ I would…/ I think…” .

When I decided to start to write a blog, I started with “I’m not a vet, the only source of my knowledge is my experience”. The phrase was the red flag for my “Grammarly" who accused me of plagiarism. It turns out mister Albert Einstein already used those words before me, which can’t be such a bad sign because how wrong can you be if your thoughts coincide with Albert’s?

I hope I’m not stealing anyone’s words (but at the same time, I hope I do, I hope every single person in the world would feel the same as I do) when I say that without the love I feel for animals, my heart would be empty and my life pointless.
This blog is dedicated to all the dogs and cats I ever loved, the ones who are with me and the ones who already take care of me from above. Some guardian angels have wings, mines have paws.

P. A. M.

Gucci driving a Z4. Pocket car for a pocket dog.

Small vs. Big dogs

How to pick the right dog for you

I grew up with dogs. Big, “real” dogs. I loved each one of them with all my heart and I felt horrible every time I was leaving them home alone.

Whisky and Gucci on the dunes in Gran Canaria.

Dog Care

Having a dog means all the happiness in the world but it also means responsibility. If you’re not sure you can take care of the dog properly, don’t even get one. Your dog’s well-being should be your priority and in return, you will be his.

On the other hand, don’t get intimidated about all the new things you have to learn. Read the basics and follow your instincts, it’s not a rocket science, it’s a loving relationship. Besides, pay attention and you’ll be surprised: the dog will tell you what he needs 😀

Whisky, a

Dog travelling tips

All those documents, all the reservations, calls, all those different country’s laws…

It might sound complicated in the beginning, but remember how complicated it all sounded when they explained to you for the first time what were you supposed to do to get your first passport, or when you tried to book your first flight on the Internet or to find the correct gate on an airport, all by yourself.

Everything sounds complicated and scary in the beginning. Don’t give up!

Imagine the look in your dog’s eyes when he founds out the suitcase in the middle of your house doesn’t mean you’re living him again, it means he’s going somewhere with you. No work, no obligations, no stress, your dog will finally get the best version of yourself.

Kissing Gucci in Anfi del Mar, a dog-friendly lounge bar.

Travel with dogs

When I was too young to be able to decide, I traveled the world without my dog.

Every time I was in another country and saw other people with their pets, I would think of mines, left at home.

I thought how stupid it was to only be with my dog at home, while having plenty of daily obligations, and on the contrary, when I’m free to do what I want, to walk kilometers around a city, he was left home.

I missed him terribly and I had to cuddle each dog I saw on the street.

On most of my vacation photos, there’s a mini-me with some random animal I happened to grab on the street.

In Malta, I wanted to buy a dog from a homeless man;

in New York City I spent hours in Central Park, despite my mum screaming at me “Let us goooo! I didn’t come to New York (from Croatia) to spend a day with a donkey!";

in Gran Canaria, I had 5 cats asking me to bring them home with me.

When I grew up, I decided the only good thing about being an adult is not having to ask your mum for permission to bring home another cat.

Also, I decided to take my dog always with me. I have him to enjoy my life with him, not to have him home alone waiting for me while I’m working. If I enjoy my life traveling, well, then he’ll have to travel with me!