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About Us here at DogInPocket.com. We're a family of people & dogs that love travelling and wouldnt dream of leaving our fur children at home.

We blog about our dogs, our travel adventures, and all things dog.

Meet the Family!

Baby Whisky's


I'm Whisky! I'm three! I'm a Boston Terrier! I do everything with exclamation marks ! I love you! Play with me! Let me kiss you!  

 My daddy says I'm his princess! Then I fart and he says I'm not! Then mummy says “How nice have you raised you daughter.” Then I kiss them so they don't fight! Then I fart again!

 I was a surprise for my mummy! Daddy came to see me when I was born but I still needed a tit and my daddy is the best, but he doesn't have a tit! He didn't tell my mummy I was already his! When they came to pick me up (although mummy thought they were just going to see me, but mummy didn't know I got my teeth already), I was ready to go! I had my blanket ready! Mummy was shrilling, daddy was proud he became daddy! My daddy!

 I also got a brother, from another mother, Gucci! He didn't want to look at me! He didn't want to share mummy! I didn't care, I bite his tail!  

 My new house had many shiny things! There were all in the wrong places! Whenever I was home alone I put them all in their place! I ate mummys anti-cellulite machine, mummy doesn't need it, she's beautiful! I wanted to do my nails as mummy, so I ate her nail machine also! Mummy doesn't want to cook, I wanted to help her, so often I jumped on the kitchen counter and I cooked! When I finish, sometimes I take the knifes, the forks and even the glasses to the sofa so I could lick them and clean them well! Glass was a bad idea, bad glass, bad Ikea quality, it broke immediately! Mummy cryed and yelled and bashed my little butty! I did it again and I was better this time, didn't break the glass!

 I have three cats and mummy's horse! I give them thousand kisses! I love them!  

 I love you!

Gucci in Trieste, looking smart.


I'm a Maltese doggy and I can't tell you how old I am, because my mummy always says I'm seven, but she is saying that for many years. When someone tries to calculate my real age, mummy starts to cry and changes the subject. I don't want my mummy to be sad, so I'm seven.

My mummy came one night in January to pick me up. She smelled nice and her jacket had longer hair than my biological mother's coat, so I knew I would never be cold with her. She squeezed me a little bit too much and was “doing strange sounds” in my head and in my belly and later I learned it was called kisses and I had to learn to receive many.

Mummy took me home and there was my granny who gave me more “strange sounds” in my belly. “Strange sounds” were tickling me a lot, so I had to pee on the Chinese carpet. I liked that, it was softer and absorbing better than the paper they used at my first home.

The two of them wanted to give me some horrible name and I knew I was not a “Bobbi” or “Flocky” or “Kiki” kind of a guy, so I ate my granny's Gucci reading glasses and then they finally got what I was telling them: I was going to be Gucci, yes, mam, I'm that kind of the guy.

My mummy wore me in her pocket wherever we went. We lived in a big city Barcelona, where I was the only shiny white thing on the street because mummy did my hairstyle every day. I  didn't like it, but mummy said if I didn't want to be a fashion victim I should have been a Rottweiler.

We traveled every week. Mummy was hiding me in hotels while she was gaining money for my cookies and she made me promise I would be quiet and good boy and wait for her. Then she would come to pick me up and we went shopping. Mummy would hang me on the wall while she was trying the dresses on.

People always wanted to cuddle me and mummy told me I shouldn't bite anyone or she would have to buy me a micro muzzle with rhinestones. When someone doesn't look at me nicely, mummy bites their's head off. I don't know why my mummy doesn't have to wear a muzzle.

Gucci & Co. on Capri, with magnificent faraglioni in the back.


Interviewed by Gucci and Whisky.

Whisky: Daddy, when did you meet mommy and for how long have you been together?

A: We've been together for 11 years.

P: Lol, stop it, we first met 10 years ago! 😀

 A: 10 and a half, and we're together since then.

 P: Noooooo, we're nooot! We had been friends for ages!:D

 A: Not true, we were together even before we met.

 P: In your head! 😀

Gucci (eye-rolling): Every time the same… OK, stop it, what's your favorite food?

 P: Italian and Greek!

A: Indian!

P (eye-rolling): Hmmmm, always that Indian… You never wanna go and eat sushi with me! And I have to go to the Indian!

A: It's not true, we always eat sushi!

 P: Aha?! When was the last time?!

A: Eeehm, I don't know! The other day!

P: The other day?! It was two months ago! Last week I wanted to eat sushi and we ended up at the Indian!

 A: Because we haven't been to the Indian for 6 months!

P: Ha!? Ok, from now on I'll write it on my mobile! For each time we go to the Indian, I have the right to eat sushi 5 times!

A: Fine! It doesn't matter! We always have to eat sushi anyhow!

P: Fine! Now you'll see! 5 times! Let me put it in my calendar…

Whisky: What do you think of garden gnomes? Could we have some, daddy? Pleeese?! I would love to play with some garden gnomes!

 A: Sure, honey, why not.

 P: Over my dead body are you going to put those idiots in my garden. Next question.

 Gucci: Pepsi or Coke?

 P: Coke! Pepsi! I don't know! Pepsi? Both!

A: Whisky!

 Whisky: What do you prefer for dessert: Cake or cheese plate?

 A & P: Cake!

Gucci: Imagine you have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

 A: We don't do threes nor eights… We split cakes into halves and we eat each one our one half.

 P: Yeah, Gucci, what's wrong with you?!

 Whisky: House or car – which do you clean first?

A: Car!

 P: My horse's box.

 Gucci: How much time do you need to get ready in the morning and are you ever late?

 A: One hour and a half. I'm never late.

 P: 15 minutes. I'm always late.

 Whisky: If you could be any superhero, who would it be?

 A: I don't care about the superheroes, I would be “The wolf of wall street". But without addictions!

 P: I would be Kaley Cuoco and have tons of animals and my own horse stable. Kaley stoled my life. It's not fair.

 Gucci: What do you think the other one of you is going to be doing in 7 months, 3 weeks and 5 days, at 9 pm?

 P: He will be counting the money.

A: She will be making her nails.

Whisky: If you had 2,000 euro, how would you double it in 24 hours?

 A: Ok, let me calculate, where's my phone, I need a paper, bla…5 %..bla… margin…+…%…bla..75%…

 P: I would find a 4000 euro worth horse, make a really good deal, I would buy it for those 2000 I have and in 24 hours I have a 4000 euro worth horse in my stable.

 Gucci: Soooo, for how long have you been together?

 A: We've been together for 14 years!

 P: Hahahahahahhaahah, not true!

A: Of course it is!